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We are committed to empowering physicians in their investment choices.

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Shameem R Nazeer, MD

Founder and CEO

Our Commitment

We are committed to empowering physicians and other professionals with the knowledge and resources to diversify their income beyond the stock market.

Partnering with industry leaders and implementing industry standards in accountability and transparency ensures our investors the best returns while reducing risk.

Educate and empower our community of investors

Seek industry leaders as partners.

Implement industry standards in accountability and transparency

From the Trenches to Triumph

As an emergency physician I prided myself on making tough decisions, working nights, weekends, and being that doctor who could deal with anything that walked through the door.

However, in 2021 I was not dealing with it very well. The stress, the sleep deprivation, the lack of autonomy was affecting my job and my life. I needed to find an alternative. I started looking into changing careers or moving abroad. I could certainly find another job - but did I want to? Did I want just another job, or did I want another kind of life?

I started exploring other options and I found that real estate, and more specifically, commercial real estate syndications are the best vehicle for busy professionals. These projects when done correctly leverage the expertise of each individual on the partnership team. Leverage creates exciting opportunities to acquire large commercial assets that can be much more profitable than individual ownership of a smaller property.

I created The Doctor Investor to encourage physicians to explore the power of commercial real estate. Physicians are smart, resourceful, and compassionate individuals who do so much for others. I am committed to providing value to them.

Let's team up and build something amazing!  

Shameem R Nazeer, MD
Founder and CEO

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We create our events with our commitment in mind. Our goal is to provide attendees the opportunity to personally meet great sponsors, syndicators, and developers. You will hear the presenters share their personal story, how they've developed their business, and their business strategy.
Each event is an intimate evening that builds lasting connections.  

May 23, 2024
7:00 PM
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Oil and Gas Investment

Unlock exclusive insights and opportunities of oil and gas investment. Don't miss out on expert advice and valuable strategies!

March 7, 2024
06:00 PM
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An Evening with Ari Rastegar

Join us on for an extraordinary evening featuring Ari Rastegar at The Henry, 2301 N Akard St, Dallas, TX. Ari Rastegar is a visionary Founder & CEO of Rastegar Property. Ari Rastegar has built a 9-figure empire through innovation and strategic vision.